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Welcome to Abolition Media

Abolition Media creates communities of local musicians and artists who use the platform of music, arts, and media to raise awareness about modern-day slavery, as well as raise funds to fight modern-day slavery, and connect the community to practical ways they can get involved and make a difference.

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About Us

We believe that modern day slavery will not end until people are no longer ignorant and apathetic about its presence in our world today. People need to know that there are currently 27 million slaves in the world, more than any other time before in history. That’s why Abolition Media exists. When we learned about the horrific reality of slavery around us we had to do something. So we are starting by using what we know – the music that we love –to raise awareness and funds in our community to end slavery here and around the world.

Join Us

So how can you get involved? How can you play your own part in ending modern day slavery? The question is, what talents have you been blessed with? Let’s start there. Everyone has different gifts and talents. We all have a stage. For some it’s music. For others, it’s writing or graphic design or sound engineering. But with all our different specialties we are all working together towards the same goal – building a community that uses its gifts and talents to cause meaningful change in the world. Don’t underestimate the power of action.


With every dollar we receive our ultimate goal, always, is to fight slavery. Because we believe strongly in both raising awareness and fighting modern day slavery, we have devised a 50/50 model to distribute the funds you send us. Fifty percent of the donations we receive are sent directly to the current projects we are supporting such as Streetlight Phoenix, Streetlight Tucson, and Not for Sale, who all work directly to stop sex trafficking and modern day slavery in our local community. The other fifty percent is used to help better raise awareness.