Child slave reaches for bowl of food from his iron cage his human traffickers put him in

Update: This award-winning PSA was relaunched on the International day for the Abolition of Slavery, December 2nd, 2021.

Fighting to end modern slavery and exploitation starts with a little humanity

Let's end modern slavery together.


We believe in informing the masses about the very real issue of modern slavery, as over 45.8 million people are enslaved today...

EVERYONE needs to know needs to know that there are currently 45.8 MILLION people living in slavery across the world, more than any other time before in history. When we learned about the horrific reality of modern slavery around us we had to do something. So we are starting by using what we know – the digital experiences, art and writing that we love – and are using this digital platform to create resources and raise awareness around the world to end modern slavery.

Please share with anyone who you think would gasp at this massive number of children and people who are living in dire conditions, such as labor camps, sex slavery, and worse. And if you have the means, join your fellow freedom lovers in donating to leading organizations who are combating child trafficking across the world, such as Not for Sale, Freedom 4/24, the International Justice Mission (IJM), and Iraqi Children Foundation.

Let us support them, spread the word, and do more to help break the shackles. This is why Abolition Media exists. It is our duty as free humans to combat this grotesque nature of human trafficking. #NotForSale #StopChildTrafficking #AbolitionMedia

Child holding not for sale sign against slavery and human trafficking

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